schmidtFilm looks behind the scenes

We develop and produce documentaries, television reports, and image and art films. Exciting, visually impressive and international.
For almost 20 years schmidtFilm has stood for smart entertainment. Our movies tell stories that are exciting and entertaining. They discover people, cultures and the unknown, and they take the viewer beyond the surface. We focus on art, culture, music, current affairs, history and science. Our documentaries and television reports transport the viewer to different times, topics and worlds.
We don’t just produce for the German public broadcasting services. Several of our documentaries have been developed and produced with international cooperation. For example, the documentary “Paths through the Labyrinth” about the great composer Krzysztof Penderecki, which was decorated with the Supersonic Award, and the German-Irish co-production “Irish Oranges”, directed by Anna Schmidt. Furthermore, we have produced numerous film projects for Dutch and Austrian TV, as well as for arte. Our films have taken us from Antarctica to Dubai to China.
In addition, we develop topics and ideas for cinema and TV, and produce art and image films. We have an excellent and reliable research team, and can offer you our assistance as location scouts for East Germany, the Netherlands, Georgia and India.